Pat has over thirty-four years’ experience in Law Enforcement (An Garda Síochána/Irish National Police), gaining a broad range of senior management skills developed predominantly in the operational area of specialist policing and counter terrorism. These skills range from planning and execution of complex tactical operations to risk/threat management combined with creating and delivery of protective security policies. His experience in the international field was complimented as Irish Head of Bureau at Interpol and Europol.

For over twelve years Pat was involved in the development of operational strategies in the area of critical incident response, tiger kidnapping and emergency management. This also involved the associated training of senior management at the national police college, as a practicing knowledge expert. For six years he has also represented An Garda Síochána at the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning. While head of Protective Services at police headquarters, Pat was lead in the upgrade of the complex in terms of access controls, visitor management, critical infrastructure protection and the management of the security team. This project required stakeholder management, change management negotiations and a championing of security awareness to senior commanders across the various departments resident on a complex of over two thousand employees.

The experience has provided him with the capability to develop relationships and create collaborative frameworks that has embedded protective security as a key corporate goal. Pat regards the development of relationships through mutual respect, while demonstrating professional competence and integrity, as key in aiding the delivery of the security function across a wide operational base. Coming from a large organisation with a defined command structure, he built a reputation based on integrity and professionalism while earning the trust and confidence of key personnel.

This personal standard was also reflected in his work as the senior Liaison representative with various government departments, office of the President, defense forces, customs and diplomatic corps, both resident and visiting. Since leaving the law enforcement community, Pat has been engaged at a corporate level with a facilities management service provider in Asia. He is currently a managing partner with a consultancy company based in Ireland.

Pat has completed academic qualifications at Degree and Executive MBA level.