Crean International

Over the years Crean International has developed a solid reputation for providing professional and discreet services tailored to the unique needs of its individual clients. Many of the organisations we work with conduct regional projects in hostile environments where economic, political, and social circumstances change rapidly. Our management team are experts at designing, implementing, and overseeing large and small scale projects, whether they are related to coordination of operational logistics, site and personnel security, or infrastructure development and protection.

Crean International Services specialise in providing tailored made security, IT, logistics, facility management and transportation solutions for a range of clients operating in developing and conflict environments.

  • Facility Management
  • Network Surveillance Installation and Maintenance
  • ICT Security
  • X-Ray Services
  • Occupational Health and Safety Advisory
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Telecom Sector – Facility Management
  • Personal Security
  • Acceptance Policy in Post-Conflict Environments
  • Kidnap Incident Management

Mission Statement of Crean International

Our Mission at Crean International is to engage with people: to understand, create and implement solutions that provide a bespoke response to their business needs. Our processes will at all times acknowledge political, social and cultural considerations that are present in their environment while creating efficient and discrete solutions designed to build and maintain relationships.


Excellence through innovation, our professionalism and leadership – in support of the requirements, security, safety and health of our clients.

Core values

  • Collaboration: Determined to work together with our clients to accomplish the purpose and vision of the client by sharing our experience, expertise and knowledge to achieve the end goal.
  • Respect: Sharing a common respect for ourselves, our colleagues and our clients.
  • Integrity: Striving for honesty and equity in all our endeavours.
  • Excellence: Striving to be second to none in all that we do.
  • Pride: Taking pride in the professionalism of our staff, the quality of our work and our confidence in getting the job done.
  • Community: Making all our employees feel a sense of identity and unity while working for our company


Operating in Central Asia since 2004, Crean International has developed a team of specialists committed to delivering services and bespoke solutions that enable clients to meet their priorities and commitments in complex environments. Our experienced and qualified security professionals are led by a senior management team equipped with the skills necessary to deliver successful outcomes across Crean’s multiple areas of service. Each operation and service provided is directed and overseen by our team who have worked together for 25 years in Irish and UK Special Operations Units in Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, Bosnia, West Africa and the Middle East.

Our Approach

We recognise that every operation is unique, and the facility management needs of your organisation differ from those of your competitors. At Crean International, we pride ourselves on a multi-stage approach to providing unparalleled services and solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Our strategy is based on:

  1.  Assessing company needs and objectives.
  2. Determining country-specific challenges including political, cultural, and social conditions.
  3. Coordinating with internal teams to design a tailored security solution that meets organisational objectives in an efficient, unintrusive and discrete manner.
  4. Delivering and supporting clients in the implementation and ongoing maintenance of new protocols.