VIP Visits

Crean’s management team have been centrally involved in planning and coordinating the visits of VIPs and NGO executives to the Middle East and Central Asian regions for almost a decade.

This experience has enabled Crean International to create a visits package focused on delivering a comprehensive arrival to departure module based on threat assessment, risk evaluation, and liaison activities with relevant government ministries and law enforcement agencies.

These combined actions present a step by step itinerary guideline for personnel responsible for the implementation and observance of protocols associated with the required success of the visit. Avoiding the potential excessive disruption associated with such VIP visits, Crean International has developed strategies that respect the continuance of necessary day to day activities while providing dignity to the parties involved and to the host community and environment.

Finally, Crean International will work with client’s personnel, designated with responsibility for VIP visits, to provide training and mentoring assistance with the goal of creating an internal skills base competent in the complexities accompanying the planning and coordination of VIP visits.