Crean International Services specialise in providing tailored made security, IT, logistics, facility management and transportation solutions for a range of clients operating in developing and conflict environments.

Facility Management

Crean International provides facility management services as a part of its business portfolio. Facility management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

Network Surveillance Installation and Maintenance

By utilising Crean as your source for video surveillance equipment, we can offer you competitive quotes on professional-grade equipment. Not only does this ensure you get the quality product you require, but it also means that our consultants and equipment specialist technicians are on hand to support and troubleshoot your system for the future.

ICT Security

IT systems play a vital role in the day-to-day functioning of any business. As a result, the securities of these systems are of paramount importance. This has led to an awareness of the need to protect these critical IT assets and in particular the data that is generated and stored by these systems.

X-Ray Services

Crean International has recently partnered with Smiths Detection for the maintenance, repair and servicing of their baggage X-Ray devices in Afghanistan. With Smiths Detection, we have trained a number of our technical staff to carry out this function.

Occupational Health and Safety Advisory

Occupational Health and safety training in post-conflict areas demand a comprehensive set of skills specific to the regulatory requirements of the local environment. Many international organisations are subject to a broad range of government initiatives and labour regulations that dictate health and safety standards for domestic staff; thus it is important that the organisation is well versed in its operational responsibilities.

Transport and Logistics

Crean has been awarded a local logistic license, allowing us to import high-quality equipment from global retailers for use in our Facility Management services. We are currently providing Customer Registration Initiative (CRI) form distribution/collection nationwide. We have developed a refined and systematic capacity to provide reliable logistics and secure transport services across all provinces in Afghanistan.

Telecom Sector – Facility Management

We have secured extensive contracts in Central Asia, including Afghanistan to provide tailored solutions to address the company’s evolving security needs and site operations. Included in this service is the provision of an on-the-ground management support structure to prepare and respond to crisis and business continuity incidents.

Personal Security

Crean International provides a variety of personal protection services designed to reduce the risk of kidnap, assassination, or criminal acts. Personal protection services are based on the application of security principles and procedures to daily life at home or abroad.

Acceptance Policy in Post-Conflict Environments

Implementation of acceptance-based strategies as a part of integration into post-conflict environments has proven to be a fundamental first step in successful large scale integration programmes for Crean.

Kidnap Incident Management

Kidnapping is an escalating global trend. Among members of the Crean team are specialists in this field who have assisted in developing European police response protocols to combat this growing concern.