Jim is our Strategic Planning and Development Officer whose role is to assist our Clients in their training, security and deployment decisions.

Jim brings 39 years of project and team management experience in vital military and security roles to our Client offering. He demonstrated his command of organisational, tactical and strategic planning and leadership skills across numerous security projects successfully completed in Ireland, the UK, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Sub-Saharan and East Africa, Indonesia, the Gulf region, Mexico and the US.

He puts the skills gained in providing tactical and strategic security support services across governmental, NGOs/IGOs, high-tech, pharmaceutical, banking, oil and gas, logistics and transport sectors at the disposal of Crean International Clients to ensure successful, secure and safe operational environments.

Jim’s key skills and experience include 27 years in military service with the elite Special Forces and counter-terrorism unit, the Irish Army Ranger Wing. He built loyalty, tenacity, management skills and work ethic in his teams across local and worldwide frontline deployments.

In the private sector, his ability to assess, plan and pre-empt developing business threats is combined with a proven track record in delivering targeted and successful solutions within budget and to client specifications. Jim is fully conversant with Quality, Training, Environmental and Safety procedures as applied across logistics, construction, rough terrain and public interface locations.

He fully understands the principles and application of open reporting/liaison as well as operational and ethical standards across multiple business sectors ensuring timely and transparent communications with clients.